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Our Story

The idea for the company originated one day when Chef Wafi was having his goûter with his wife, Farha. Le Goûter, in French, means to taste; it is a late afternoon snack in France, an integral part of the French culture as much as the afternoon tea or Teatime is in England. Le Goûter, pronounced “luh goo tay”, happens around 4 PM, when children come home from school and workers are heading into the last 2-1 hour of work. At this time, children will rush home in a frenzy to get a delicious treat, cute and just small enough to satisfy hunger or craving, without spoiling their appetite for dinner. A variety of sweet and occasionally savory pastries, biscuits and cakes are essential to Le Goûter, with chocolate - playing an integral part.

That pinnacle moment where stories are exchanged over le goûter with its delectable treats gave seed to this idea that le goûter

- a tradition cherished in France should be shared with everyone, and voila, ‘Le Goûter’ was born.


Our style of bakery products is perfected by mixing traditional French recipes with today's modern tastes. We provide only the most natural of products. Our coffee is carefully selected, grained and made in the coffee beans process. This results in various high-quality cafe and bakery items, from our coffee beans and croissants to our baguettes that appeal to all tastes.


We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer Service is what we stand for, and if somebody does not enjoy our coffee or bakery products, it becomes on the house. We want to ensure that we always serve our customers the best and want them to enjoy their entire experience. 

We have tastes that can satisfy every palate, from various delicious macarons to flavor some patisseries such as eclairs, madeleines, st honore and other appetizing traditional French viennoiseries (croissants, pain au chocolate and brioche).


These delightful french goûter will no doubt tickle every taste bud at any time of the day and will take the simple notion of a snack' to an entirely new level.


Oozing chocolate, flaky pastry, and decadent cream are some of the finest ingredients at the center of our flavorful patisseries at Le Gouter. 


All the patisseries are works of art, beautifully handcrafted and customized to individual requirements.

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