About Us

Chef Wafi owner and entrepreneur presents Le Goûter. 

Adding a touch of French tradition to the UAE.


The idea for the company originated one day when Chef Wafi was having his goûter with his wife Farha. Le Goûter, in French means to taste, it is basically a late afternoon snack in France, an integral part of the French culture as much as afternoon tea or Tea Time is in England. Le Goûter, pronounced “luh goo tay”, happens around 4 PM, when children come home from school and workers are heading into the last couple of hours of work. At this time, children will rush home in a frenzy to get a delicious treat, cute and just small enough to satisfy hunger or a craving, without spoiling their appetite for dinner. A variety of sweet and occasionally savoury pastries, biscuits and cakes are key to Le Goûter with of course chocolate - playing an integral part.


That pinnacle moment where stories are exchanged over Le Goûter with its delectable treats gave seed to this idea that Le Goûter - a tradition that is cherished in France should be shared with everyone and voila, ‘Le Goûter ’ was born.